High-Performance Center Medical and Pharmaceutical Engineering

Our mission

The High-Performance Center Medical and Pharmaceutical Engineering is aimed at easing the translation of ideas into successful applications – consistently focusing on user safety. The combined expertise of the Fraunhofer Institutes ITEM and IST as well as the Fraunhofer Research Institution IMTE provides an ideal basis for accelerating scientific developments in medical and pharmaceutical technologies to provide state-of-the-art applications for patients. Our services include consultancy and development in the fields of neuro- and inhalation technology as well as pharmaceutical process engineering in the fields of imaging, additive manufacturing, drug formulation and aerosol technology.

Our focus

The focus of our research and innovation transfer is on patient-specific implants (PSI) and respiratory systems as well as on individualized drug manufacturing.


Launch of the High-Performance Center

Launched in March 2021, the High-Performance Center provides a unique platform for research and innovation transfer into patient care.


Expert panel on medical technology

Fraunhofer ITEM, Fraunhofer IIS and DGBMT are offering a periodic expert panel on medical technology solutions from applied research. As of October, the focus of this format will be on “Smart Implants”. The series of web seminars offers insights into new research developments, innovative products and their potential applications, in addition to facilitating new contacts and networking between experts and participants.

The next seminar will be held on January 26, 2022. Please save the date and visit again soon for more information, if you are interested. Please note that the event will be held in German and the below link will lead you to a landing page in German language.

Knowember of Science

Given a track record of several decades of respiratory and infection research at Fraunhofer ITEM, the Corona pandemic has played a major role in the institute’s research work. In four virtual live sessions (in German language), Fraunhofer ITEM scientists gave insights into their coronavirus research as part of the Hannover-based series of events “Knowember of Science”. Attendees also had the opportunity to ask the researchers questions and take a look behind the scenes.

Please note that the event was held in German and the below link will lead you to a landing page in German language.

Event / 21.3.2022

International workshop on Magnetic Particle Imaging

Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) is a novel imaging modality that uses various static and oscillating magnetic fields to image the spatial distribution of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles with high sensitivity, without tissue background and ionizing radiation. The workshop will not only provide an opportunity to present research work and results, but also to discuss new ideas and trends in the field of MPI with an audience of scientific, medical and application experts from universities, clinical and commercial institutions.

The event will be held in Würzburg, Germany, on March 21-23, 2022.